Event 2016

April 15th – 17th 2016
Villa La Massa - Candeli, Firenze

The first four editions of Villa d’Este Style have enhanced the relationship between the motor cars and the site which gave them their name in 1949. For this year we have opted for a different program, trying to recreate the spirit of the first classic cars meetings of the 1970s and ‘80s.

We have therefore blended art and culture, fine food and great landscapes, on some of Italy’s best and less frequented roads. Villa la Massa was the frame and host of this harmonious result: a splendid residence from the Medici period on the bank of the Arno river, just a few miles from Florence’s historic centre. Owned and managed by Villa d’Este, Villa la Massa replicates on a romantic stretch of the Arno the typical savoir faire of the Lake Como residence.

On the Friday, an exclusive visit of the Uffizi, organized with Italia Nostra, added as every year a cultural side to the event. With a forty-year experience in the restoration of great works of art, Maria Rita Signorini allowed us to see and experience some surprising aspects of many a masterpiece. A contribution of Prof. Antonio Natali, who has managed the Uffizi for the last ten years, has given us many unexpected keys to better appreciate this inimitable and monumental shrine and its treasures.

A lively discussion on the ethics of restoration was engaged drawing a parallel between Michelangelo and Raffaello and Carrozzeria Touring!

Sunset caught us on the terraces of Palazzo Gondi, admiring views of incredible beauty on the roofs and monuments of Florence; the dinner in the Palace halls let us experience the style of the ancient Florentine aristocracy. A truly special night which reminded us the reason why the world is so fond of the Italian style.

After the Uffizi masterpieces and those of Florence’s historic centre, on the Saturday morning a number of Alfa Romeo masterpieces (most with Touring bodywork) left Villa la Massa towards Castello di Ama: a top wine and olive oil farm, housing a world class collection of site art.

The day has added around 150 kilometres of road and emotions to the cars’ palmarés.

All the participants have expressed a deep satisfaction with this formula of “Italian trip” and their wish for it to be repeated in future.

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